Marine Coatings: Practical Implementation of PSPC     (MIN015)


Course Objectives and Benefits

This course is intended to introduce participants to the practical aspects of implementing the new IMO Performance Standard for Protective Coatings (PSPC) and makes reference to the theory where appropriate. There are many pitfalls in the practical application of PSPC which are not immediately apparent. Specific guidance is given as to the responsibilities of the parties involved – coatings manufacturer, coating inspector, shipyard and classification society. Guidance is also provided on what to inspect, how to inspect, how to interpret and how to take appropriate corrective action in the event of coating failures. Practical issues are dealt with by way of photographic examples. Explanation of the usage and limitations of the many gauges, tools and techniques used in measuring coatings characteristics is provided.

Course Highlights

Responsibilities of the different parties involved in PSPC

Role of classification

Recording, collecting and saving the data and the importance of written statements by the certified coating inspector

How to interpret the coating and the safety data sheets

Shelf life, induction time, interval time, curing time and their relation with temperatures

Batch numbers on coating cans

The importance of each element of the blasting process and required testing

What to monitor during block building and erection stages

What is acceptable and what is not acceptable for welds and sharp edges

Guidance on field tests: salt, dew point, adherence, film thickness, oil/grease

Paint spraying guidelines, nozzles, pressures and techniques, their effect on coating properties and correction of over/dry spray

What to check at the mixing station, during stripe coating and the effect of overshoot use of thinners

The importance of roughness profile and how it is verified

How to handle joint overlap areas

Final inspections and review of the coating technical file

What to do after the completion of the coating process

Who Should Attend

Superintendents, port captains, technical managers and inspection team members with an interest in the application, maintenance and inspection of marine coatings and complying with PSPC requirements.


Course Schedule

Length: 1 day; Course may be scheduled on request. Request